My intention with Tierra Mar Lane is to provide a space to help young women to grow and become inspired.  I am a twenty-six year-old undercover introvert who has stumbled my way through heartbreak, the corporate world, and trying to navigate my adult life after college.  Along the way I have learned some invaluable lessons that I hope to share with you!  The modern day woman doesn’t fit the same cookie cutter image that was once portrayed for twenty something girls a few years ago.  Balancing work, love, and a passion for fashion in a cute pair of shoes can be a tricky task, but my hope is that I can share some of my experiences and maybe help you out along the way 😃

I am so excited to begin this journey with you although admittedly, I have been hesitant to take the first steps for some time now.

Tierra Mar Lane:.. The Name

I spent my childhood growing up on a street called Tierra Mar Lane in beautiful Naples, Florida.  We lived in a small villa surrounded by a jungle of overgrown palm leaves within walking distance of the glittering Gulf of Mexico.  Our villa has always stayed with me since the day my Mom told me we were moving back to Georgia, and continues to inspire me to this day.  I have dreams of one day moving back to the tropical paradise I once called home, but for now it serves me as a daily inspiration while living in bustling Atlanta, Georgia with my husband Josh.