Honeymoon Part 1: Los Angeles


Josh and I had the most incredible time on our Tahitian Honeymoon, but before we boarded the plane to French Polynesia we couldn’t resist the opportunity to stay in LA for a few nights.  LA has always been a hub stop for me in the past before jetting off to the next destination, so it was nice to finally be able to spend some time and actually explore the city.

I am a hardcore 90’s girl at heart, so it only felt natural to make a pit stop and stay at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel just like in one of my all time favorite movies, Troop Beverly Hills.


The hotel was everything I ever imagined and more, I even snuck a picture out by the semi-private pool that adorned a “No Photos Please” sign.  I’m such a rebel paparazzi!

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We decided to spend our second day in beautiful Santa Monica.  We strolled along the pier, watched the morning surf, and even rode the iconic West Coaster.  The beach town definitely has a much more laid back vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of LA.

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We only visited Santa Monica for a day so that meant that we could only choose one spot to grab lunch.  The Ivy at the Shore had been recommended to us by several people so we decided we would give it a go, and I am so glad that we did!  It’s hard to say no to delicious fish tacos and a French Champagne Rosé Sangria the size of my head!  Here is my cute (now husband) enjoying a Kumquat Margarita.

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Our next day was spent wandering awe-struckenly around Rodeo Drive oohing and ahhing over the designer window displays.  I think Josh may have been a tad bit tired listening to me reciting the lines of Pretty Woman along our entire stroll.

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I’ve kept a running list on my cell phone of places in LA that I have wanted to eat at.  We had to narrow it down of course, but some of the places we did go to where great!!

I have definitely earned my sushi appreciation patch, and if you know what movie I am referencing then we are already best friends.  I’m a huge sushi fan, so needless to say, Sugarfish was definitely a must try for me.  It did not disappoint!  Josh was a fan of the hand rolls while I was eating the tuna sashimi as if it were candy.  Also the iced green tea was refreshing and pallet cleansing in between the multitude of courses we ate.

The Polo Lounge

Known to be quite the star studded joint, the Polo Lounge has been a Beverly Hills staple for decades.  The lounge has a very old school, classic ambiance with an old Hollywood attitude.  There was also a star sighting during our evening, I really tried desperately to keep my cool when Danny Tanner, I mean Bob Saget walked by…

The Fountain Coffee Room

The Fountain Room has a fun vintage, California vibe, and was conveniently located inside the Beverly Hills Hotel.  A 40’s soda fountain styled spot with a fun throwback menu?  Yes please, this place was my dream!  Josh and I stopped here a few times for a quick cup of coffee before heading out from the hotel.

Gracias Madrea

This could easily be one of the most picturesque restaurants I have ever laid my eyes on.  Gracias Madrea is an organic, plant based, non-GMO, Mexican restaurant.  I know what you’re thinking… could this place sound anymore LA? – I know, I know.  I love gluten just as much as the next semi-kinda health conscious girl, but the shocking thing was that regardless of super restrictive dietary restrictions, the food was incredible!!  Masa cakes topped with salsa verdea, nacho cheese and lemon cauliflower, and grilled zucchini mushroom, and eggplant tacos to name a few items that are delicious on their quite extensive menu.

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Overall our trip was incredible.  You can really see so much in only a few short days in LA.  We even went to a Dodgers game and wandered around UCLA’s campus before jetting off to Tahiti.

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