My Magical 48 Hours in New York City

48 hours in New York

Back in January Josh told me that he was going on a Bachelor party in April to Las Vegas for a weekend.

Instantly, I thought of all of the things I would accomplish in a weekend all to myself.  I pictured myself cleaning the house, drinking wine, all while eating Annie’s Mac and Cheese out of the box.  I was super pumped about the idea of being a recluse in my own home for three days!

But the more I thought about this weekend all to myself the more sad I became.  Don’t get me wrong… I love to have time alone, it leaves me feeling energized and refreshed, but after a few days it gets pretty lonely.

I decided to reframe my thinking and realized that I needed to take advantage of the weekend and do something totally out of the box.  Instantly I knew!  I would visit my best friend, Marina who had recently moved to New York!

I only had 48 short hours to spare while in the big apple, but let me tell you, you can pack a lot into that time span in New York!

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I met up with Marina in front of 30 Rock and after a long overdue hug and cry session, and an aggressive power lap around Bloomingdales, we decided it was snack time!  We randomly stumbled into Hotel 1 and ordered a glass (or two) of rosé along with an order of french fries.  This was a nice spot if looking for a quick drink in the afternoon.

My first meal in New York was nothing short of spectacular!  Marina wanted me to dine like a local at the ultra popular Cafe Select.  Cafe Select is a European style restaurant on Lafayette Street in Soho.  Marina introduced me to her favorite dish that I had never heard of called spätzle, basically egg noodles that haven been scrambled up- so delicious!

Throughout our entire dinner Marina kept saying “I have a surprise for you….”  I really couldn’t figure it out until the end when she walked straight through the kitchen into a secret bar in the back of the restaurant.  The bar was designed like an old 80’s ski lodge.  We drank a few glasses of pinot noir before heading off  the Jimmy, a rooftop club with an ultra sex and the city feel.

jacks wife freda

The options for restaurants to brunch at in New York are plentiful.  We decided to eat at Jack’s Wife Freda, which New York Magazine describes as “South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine.”  A shorter description dubbed by me would be “delicious.”  I had the eggs Benedict with a cantaloupe mimosa on the side, yum!

A bougie vegan cafe with cute decor that Marina and I stopped in when we were feeling a little famished.  We grabbed a slice of avocado toast (delicious!) and a glass of rosé (yum!).

When I envision the Olsen twins (still obsessed with them, even after the 90’s) dining in New York, I picture them eating at Budakhan, an asian fusion restaurant with a dark, glamorous, club vibe.  The food is divine and the atmosphere is electric!  We had an incredible family style meal thanks to Marina’s boyfriend, Aaron who knew his way around the menu.  A popular appetizer is the edamame dumplings which were insanely delicious.

Before we ended our meal, Aaron told Marina and I to nonchalantly wander down to the bathroom and take a look around, after all, his little sister had seen Drake there the weekend before…  Yes, Drake!!  We didn’t have a celebrity sighting, but I certainly felt like a star at this incredible spot.

 pick a bagel

There is possibly a million bagel shops in New York, I’m not even sure if that is that big of an exaggeration!!  But I knew I had to have a bagel while in visiting,  you just can’t not!!  I had an everything bagel with chive cream cheese.  So good!

Milk Bar New York

The walk up window to Milk Bar in Soho is so adorable.  Marina and I shared a scoop of the cereal milk ice cream which tastes like the left over milk in a bowl of Lucky Charms, divine!  It was quite delicious, but a tad bit over priced for what you get, but the pics are cute, ha!


tony moly Korea town

Marina and I had so much fun browsing all of the Korean beauty products at the Tony Moly store in Korea Town.  I picked up a couple of sheet masks, some gel eye pads, and other cutely packaged little treasures.

Decide to visit the top of the Empire State Building on a Whim

Visiting the top of the Empire State Building was probably the most touristy stop of our entire trip.  I had been to the top of the landmark on a past trip, but there was something so much more fun about randomly going on a rainy afternoon with Marina who had never been before.  We did however question the classic chick flick, Sleepless in Seattle the entire time.   You would never be able to get up to the top of the building that quick, let alone a night.  Yes, we were being those people who annoyingly question the logistics and unlikelihood of cinematography.

hells kitchen New York

Stroll Along the Hudson

Sunday morning Marina suggested that we grab bagels (from Pick a Bagel) and walk along the Hudson River.  After grabbing our breakfast we walked along the river and stopped by a dog park to watch the city dogs frolic and play while we ate.

Bryant Park

I equate Bryant Park to a tranquil forest in the middle of a bustling metropolis.  Marina and I decided to sit on the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park and end the trip the way it began, with a basket of fries, but this time white wine sangria was involved. It was so relaxing and fun, the perfect last mini meal before I left.

Washington state park




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