My Canadian Tuxedo

cute denim on denim outfit

Tank: Urban Outfitter Old, Similar | Embroidered Jean Jacket: She Inside | Jeans: Blank Denim

chic Canadian tuxedo

twisted updo

denim on denim

While I would say that “classic” is one of the words I would use to define my own personal style, I do believe that there are times in life where you have to take  a little risk- and what better way to do so than with fashion!  There is a high possibility that one day I look back on this ensemble and have a similar reaction to when I look back on some of my Limted Too ensembles- hello butterfly hair clips and glittery turtle necks.  I may think “oh wow… I really thought wearing a Canadian Tuxedo was a super cute idea.  How 2017 of me…”  Don’t let that stop you from trying out a new fashion trend that you have been secretly dying to wear!  Do you think Carrie Bradshaw ever looked back at her past fashion decisions with regrets?  Absolutely not!  She probably looks back at her wackier fashions choices with  a smile on her face thinking “Damn, I’m rocking that ballerina tutu, and feathered crop top!”

embroidered denim jacket

Canadian tuxedo

floral embroidered denim jacket

The point is, don’t be afraid to take risks in fashion (and in life) just because you are scared you will look back with regrets.  Okay, I’m about spent on cheesy advice for the day, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Photography By: Paige Molina Photography

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