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Figuring out which products will work best with your hair is definitely a trial and error process. Did anybody else go through a scrunching gel phase? *Shudders* We all have our own unique struggles; for me I deal with color damage, grease, and split ends. I‘ve listed out some of the products below that have remained tried and true to my heart that have held a coveted spot under my sink for years. I’d love to know what hair products have proven true staying power in your hair care routine!

  1. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Conditioner– I typically change up what shampoo and conditioner I use every other bottle.  I’m semi-convinced that there is always a better product out there, but this one is hard to beat. This conditioner sounded like a good bet with a word like thickening in the title. I have a large quantity of super thin hair that usually gets greasy within hours of washing. This leaves my hair feeling full and healthy without feeling weighed down.
  2. Wet Brush– I have vivid memories of me throwing a tantrum as a child while my mom would try and brush out my tangly, knotted hair. If only I had a wet brush back in the 90s! This thing is a lifesaver for me and my super fine, prone to tangle hair. After showering I am able to easily brush out all of my tangles. Every girl should have one!
  3. Aveda Hair Spray– This hair spray has been in my arsenal since my freshman year of college. I remember girls living on my hall would come into my roommate and I’s dorm and compliment us on how wonderful our room smelled. We would always credit the aroma to Aveda Air Control, she was a as equally as obsessed as I was! This spray will hold any hairstyle but is still lightweight enough that your hair doesn’t get that crunchy hard texture.
  4. Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo– It’s no fun when your blonde highlights start to turn that brassy, yellow color. By adding a purple colored shampoo to your regimen, you will notice a reduction in that hay color change. It keeps your highlights more on the ashy, cool side of the spectrum. This product is wonderful because it really helped with eliminating grease production in my hair and it smells divine!
  5. Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoo– This dry shampoo was a complete game changer for me. Not only does it do a fantastic job of covering up my greasy roots, but it also smells amazing!! I had never seen a fine fragrance turned into a dry shampoo before. Those twins know what they’re doing! The first time I used this product Josh instantly complimented me on how good I smelled. This was a big deal because he has never commented on any of my perfumes; it’s funny to think that it took a dry shampoo to finally get his attention! Since the first spray, the compliments from friends (and strangers) have been endless! My friend’s mom went out a bought a bottle after sitting through a fifteen minute car ride with me! This stuff is unreal and I can’t wait to try the Nirvana White scent in the spring time!
  6. Olaplex– If you are a blonde imposter like me, then meet your new best friend! Olaplex is an incredible product and really helps reverse the damage caused by the harsh chemicals used in hair bleaches and dyes. On Wednesday nights I’ll usually apply Olaplex from the roots to the tips of my wet hair, the bottle says to leave it in for ten minutes, but I would leave it in for an entire hour! Also, if you see a hair dresser who is located at a salon that uses Olaplex, ask them to mix it in with your color. Sometimes it can be difficult for blondes to grow out their hair because the ends of the hair can get dry and dead looking fast. Olaplex will help combat that dry dead look!
  7. Moroccan Oil– This oil has been under my counter for years. After washing and towel drying my hair, I’ll add a pump of Moroccan Oil to the tips. Not only does Moroccan Oil prevent damaged split ends, it also smells amazing!
  8. Moroccan Oil Smoothing Mask– This is one of my favorite hair masks I’ve ever used! Not only does it smell just as amazing as the Moroccan Oil mentioned above, it also does an incredible job of hydrating and softening dry brittle hair. Use this once (or twice if you’re feeling crazy J) a week and you will start to see a difference in the texture of your hair.
  9. Elchim Hair Dryer– One time I heard Lauren Conrad uses the Elchim Hair Dryer, so I bought the Elchim Hair Dryer (Mean Girls Reference). Lauren is definitely a role model of mine when it comes to beauty, her effortless, golden California mermaid waves are serious goals. Seriously though, I really did read on her blog that this is the hair dryer she uses so I figured why not give it a shot. I’m so glad that I did because this hair dryer eliminated the time it takes to blow dry my hair by about ten minutes, it’s so powerful!
  10. Hot Tools Curling Iron– I’ve always had great luck with the hot tools brand. I’ve used their curling irons in multiple sizes and I finally settled on the 1 ¼ inch size after years of testing. I don’t love ring tight curls in my hair, the Shirley Temple look doesn’t really do me any favors. I also can’t use too big of a barrel or my hair won’t hold the curl. The 1 ¼ inch size is great because it leaves behind a curl that is beachy and tousled; my hair style of choice! Always make sure when using heat on your hair to use a heat protection spray. I’ve been using this one for a while now

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