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Finally!! A beautiful Saturday in Atlanta after a long spell of on again, off again dreariness. I was so pumped this past Saturday AM to finally wake up to a sunshine filled day.

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The chances of whether I decide to exercise is extremely dependent on the conditions of the daily weather… Am I the only one in shock and awe as I pass folks on the road running through cold, damp, drizzly rain?! One of the things I miss most during the winter months is having the luxury of being able to run outdoors vs. on a treadmill- which to be honest, can feel a bit mundane. Running outside on a gorgeous breezy day with great music really invigorates my senses. On my run this past Saturday I really felt awake for the first time in a long time. Lately I’ve felt like a walking zombie with crazy brain fog. I was really going for it and starting to feel incredible on my run when all of a sudden a really weird feeling came over me- over my legs to be more specific. My legs were itching like crazy!! What the heck?! I thought. I felt a sudden urge to strip down out of my clothes and scratch my legs. I felt as if I had just stepped in a huge ant pile. I opened up my Google app on my phone and searched “ my legs itch so bad when I run” And then the sad, sad truth revealed itself…. Crap!!!

my legs itch when I run

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There couldn’t be a more blatant sign that I need to get back into a regular fitness routine. I’ve struggled to find motivation to exercise since my wedding date this past year. Before our wedding I worked out every single morning, I never hit the snooze button and would practically jump out of bed before the alarm went off. After the wedding that couldn’t be further from reality!

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Needless to say the itchy leg situation was an extreme wake up call to get my behind off the couch and outside running on a more consistent basis. In my opinion one of the best tools to help you get motivated to move more is the Fitbit. I’ve set a goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day and I must say there is a strange satisfaction I feel when I hit my steps for the day. It has also really helped me on days where I’m cooped up in the office sitting at my desk all day, my hourly alerts remind me to get moving.

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I absolutely love my new Fitbit bracelet from Funktional Wearables.  Finally a Fitbit bracelet that’s both functional and fashionable! Do you have any motivational tools to help you get exercising? I would love to know in the comments below!


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