Tie The Knot: Choosing Your Wedding Fragrance

Wedding Fragrance

My favorite piece of wedding advice I received during the planning process was to choose a signature wedding scent to wear during all of the events leading up to the wedding and of course on the day itself.  The idea being that in the future, every time you spritz on your signature scent, you will be instantly brought back to all of the wonderful memories of that day.

peony bouquet

I loved this idea, especially considering that I am nuts about fragrances, I have way too many perfumes in my beauty repertoire and they are all beloved in my world!  I knew I wanted a scent that mirrored the essence of our wedding day which was set in an outdoor garden in the month of May.  I was looking for something bright and feminine that elicited happy feelings.

Atlanta Wedding

I decided to visit the fragrance counter at Neiman Marcus and sampled a ton of different scents.  It was such a fun day, minus the slight headache I felt after sniffing so many different fragrances!  I decided on wearing Infloresence by Byredo which is described as “a wild garden transferring the strength and beauty of flowers and the perfect moment when they reach their dramatic peak of blooming.” The fragrance was just the fit for a springtime garden wedding!


When choosing a fragrance for your wedding day try to choose a scent that mirrors the vibe you are going for on your day.  Is your wedding going to be soft and floral? Are you a barefoot beach bride? Are you going for a more rustic feel?  The fragrance you choose should capture the essence of your style.

Atlanta Wedding

The season you are getting married in can also play a big role in what fragrance you wear.  If you are getting married in the fall or winter you may want more of a musky, amber scent vs a more floral light scent for spring and summer.

soft peony

Below are some scents that I find to be beautiful for unique reasons.


PS- Josh followed suit and chose Aventus by Creed as his signature wedding day fragrance 😃

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