Tie the Knot: Pre Wedding Skincare Regime




Every bride to be strives for glowing luminous skin for her Big Day.  This goal posed a particularly challenging task for me.  I’ve struggled with acne and have been combating breakouts ever since my middle school days, yikes!

My engagement was longer than most, Josh and I were engaged for a year and five months, so I felt like I had plenty of time to get my skin in order.  My skin is easily affected by stress and irregular hormones, so I knew that getting my skin in tip top shape was important to tackle early on, especially with the kind of stress weddings can provoke!

  1. Seek Professional Help- If you are newly engaged and looking to get your skin under control my first suggestion to you is to book a consultation with a dermatologist if you don’t see one already. I know what you may be thinking, “Why would I see a dermatologist when I can just research what to do for my skin on my own?”  Trust me I have had the same thought before too.  Seeing a reputable skincare professional will be the best investment you ever make in terms of skincare and will yield the most dramatic results.  I love sharing all of my skincare secrets with you and what products I love, but the truth is, we all have different skin and just because a product works miracles for me doesn’t mean it will for you.  My dermatologist helped me redesign a skincare routine that focused on my skin’s unique troubles; dryness and irritation, hormonal acne, and clogged pores to name a few.

     Make sure to do you research when looking for a trustworthy dermatologist.  Yelp is a great tool, but I personally      believe that referrals from friends and family are much better!  If you know a friend with glowing gorgeous skin, try      finding out who her dermatologist is if she sees one, don’t be afraid to ask around!

  1. The Golden Rule- This point is an absolute must. Wash and moisturize your face every morning and every night, no exceptions! No makeup wipes either people!  Yes, I am guilty of this too, but now is not the time to be lazy and wipe off your face before bed.  Even if you don’t wear makeup, this step is crucial in getting your skin in check!  Washing your face removes dirt, oil, and pollutants that can be the cause of your deepest skincare issues.
  1. Monthly Facial Extraction- My dermatologist recommended that I come in once every month before the wedding for a facial extraction. The word extraction is key. An extraction is where all of the gunk and dirt is removed from all of you pores manually i.e. the doctor is squeezing all of the gunk out. I think my doctor secretly enjoys this process and I would too, is that super gross?   Then she helped me paint a chemical peel onto my face. The chemical peel seeps into the newly cleaned out pores.  This process really helped me with improvements in the appearance in the brightness and tone of my skin.  The monthly facial helped me keep my skin super clean which minimized my breakouts. Also, it’s not the worst thing in the world to spend you lunch break having your face massaged ;).
  1. Select the Best Tools for Your Arsenal- After meeting with your dermatologist she/he should be able to help you select the best products to add to your daily and nightly routine. I think it is important to remember that not all products in your skincare routine need to be super expensive top shelf products from Sephora either!  Below is the routine I followed in the months leading up to our wedding that yielded great results for me.

     Face Mask– Once a week I’d put on the Glam Glow face mask.  I’d wear the mask for about ten minutes and would use      this time to relax and de-stress, I would light candles and look at a magazine or just lay down for a few minutes. It may      not sound like a lot, but if you work full time like me then these ten minutes are scared!  Then once the ten minutes is      up I’d wash it off and reap the benefits of smooth polished skin!

     Makeup Remover at Night– I typically like to use a makeup remover before washing my face at night and definitely made      sure to keep this up in the months leading to my wedding.  This makeup remover is one of the best products I’ve ever      used!  The balm consistency of the remover melts away makeup and doesn’t feel like it is stripping your face.  It helps      to give your face a clean slate before you wash it.

     Cleanse– Going back to the golden rule, wash your face every morning and night to clean away any dirt, oils, and      pollutants.  I used Say Yes to Carrots Facial Cleanser leading up the wedding and it did the trick for me!  It made my skin      feel clean and refreshed and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry and itchy like some cleansers on the drying side of the      spectrum.

     Exfoliate Every now and then– I would exfoliate my skin only once a week with this product, typically on Wednesday      nights.  An exfoliator helps to remove dead skin that’s accumulated throughout the week.  Remember not to over      exfoliate, especially right before the wedding!  You don’t want to rub your skin raw before the main event.

     Tone– I think using a toner is a necessary step that so many people forget about or don’t bother to include in their daily      routine.  I recommend using a toner after washing your face morning and nights.  Toner helps to really open up the      pores which helps any spot treatments or serums used afterwards to really sink into the skin that you will be using      following.

     Spot Treat– My acne comes in all shapes and sizes.  A cluster of angry red pimples on      my chin, or a solo, gigantic cyst      on my cheek, or just a random big rid bump in the center of my forehead.  If you’re combating acne, a spot treatment is      a great place to start.  My dermatologist put me on a retional cream by the name of Retin-A Micro cream.  My mom has      sworn by this cream for years and she looks like a teenager!  Retin-A is a prescription based cream, ask your      dermatologist about the product if you are interested.  It is also important to note that retional based products can      make your skin extremely sun sensitive so be very cautious when exposed to the sun.

     Vitamin C Serum in the morning– Vitamin C Serum is a product that my dermatologist told me to use every morning after      toner leading up to the wedding.  It is an incredible serum and after a few weeks of use my skin was noticeably      brighter!  Here is the one that I used but there are cheaper versions available like this, and this!

     An Oil Serum at Night– If you are anything like me then you probably are thinking “Why would I put oil on my face on      purpose?  Aren’t I trying to get rid of oil??”  Khiels is one of my favorite skincare lines and my favorite part about the      customer experience is checking out and getting all of my free samples.  One of the guys who works at Khiels      suggested that I try their Midnight Recovery Concentrate face oil.  I figured a sample size wouldn’t hurt.  The oil made      my skin feel soft and smooth, the next day.  I instantly went out and bought the regular size the next day and it hasn’t      left my routine since!  Oils will definitely help with achieving the bridal glow!

     Moisturize– And again, the Golden Rule.  Always, always, always moisturize your skin after cleansing.  This will help to      hydrate your face by locking in water and make your skin appear healthy and refreshed.  There are also a handful of      long term benefits to moisturizing your face including wrinkle prevention.   I used CeraVe which is carried at most      drugstores!

  1. Stress is the devil- This is my most important point!  Try not to stress (I know, this is way easier said than done) and try to have fun with the entire process!  Stressing into oblivion about all of the things that could go wrong on your wedding day is not doing you or your skin any favors.  Take a deep breath, count to ten, call a friend, go for a walk, and meditate, whatever it takes!  Make de-stressing your mission!

     I was really stressed my last day of work before the big wedding weekend.  I felt I had no control of my surroundings      and was fearful that I wouldn’t get everything done before I had to leave.  I left to see my mom during my lunch break      and began to sob.  To make matters worse, my chin flared up in an army of angry acne bumps!  How is that for great      timing?  My mom said “Sweetie, take a deep breath, and let it all go.  Work will always be there when you get back.”       This really resonated with me.  So I took a deep breath and marched back into the office and finished everything that I      could before heading out the door.  That night I met up with friends for a girl’s night full of fun and relaxation. I put all      of my fears to the side.  The next morning my flare up had gone down significantly.  It’s incredible how directly stress      can affect the skin!

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