My Magical 48 Hours in New York City

48 hours in New York

Back in January Josh told me that he was going on a Bachelor party in April to Las Vegas for a weekend.

Instantly, I thought of all of the things I would accomplish in a weekend all to myself. I pictured myself cleaning the house, drinking wine, all while eating Annie’s Mac and Cheese out of the box. I was super pumped about the idea of being a recluse in my own home for three days!

But the more I thought about this weekend all to myself the more sad I became. Don’t get me wrong… I love to have time alone, it leaves me feeling energized and refreshed, but after a few days it gets pretty lonely.

I decided to reframe my thinking and realized that I needed to take advantage of the weekend and do something totally out of the box. Instantly I knew! I would visit my best friend, Marina who had recently moved to New York!

I only had 48 short hours to spare while in the big apple, but let me tell you, you can pack a lot into that time span in New York!

Honeymoon Part 3: Bora Bora

Our Tahitian Honeymoon feels like lightyears ago (only nine months), but the memory of crystal blue water, and fresh papaya cocktails is still fresh in my mind. We began our trip with a few nights spent in LA, and a week spent on the beautiful island of Moorea, but I have to say… Bora Bora was the true show stopper.